Spanish laws regarding renewable energy

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    Given the seemingly stringent laws regarding solar heating –

    Why is it that hardly any of the new developments seem to incorporate it?

    I believe that this law has been around for a few years so why aren’t new build golf resorts festooned with solar panels?

    If I owned an aprtment on such a resort and the developer had failed to install a suitable system, would I then be liable to to make the neccessary changes?

    Any thoughts / reasonas greatly appreciated – thanks – Russ

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    RussW: How many laws have the Spanish builders have followed in your opinion ?????

    Laws in Spain are made for the shelves of the libraries. They are never intended to put into practise or have the spirit of the law.

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    So does anyone adhere to this law? Is it relevant at all?

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    Like all laws in Spain it will be adhered by a small middle classes, a very large majority will not have the resources, nor the awareness of the law, besides too a very large extent could not give a damn about the climate issues, alternative energy.
    Any effort to make them aware will be responded with a pasa nada or a shrug of the shoulder.

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