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    My Spanish solicitors have lodged the title deeds of a property I wish to sell as executor of my late brother-in-law with the Spanish land registry. They have asked for Euros9,000 for these formalities. This seems expensive. Can anybody advise about land registry charges. Thanks.

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    Hopefully, a lawyer who posts here regularly called Drakan will answer this one for you

    With the 3000 euros you have already sent, plus now wanting another 9000 euros, personally I think 12000 euros is a disgracefully expensive amount.

    Beware that there are many rogue lawyers in Spain, who have taken many of us (including myself) for a big ride.
    Personally, I suggest you do not part with another penny until you receive further advice.


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    dear John,

    Why don’t you ask your lawyer for a breakdown of the 9.000 €, including a copy of the invoice from the Land Registry and a copy of the tax declaration which has to accompany the document to be registered, even if no tax is payable.

    I don’t know how you feel about it but since the Land Registry is a public body there is nothing stopping you contacting them direct, assuming you have all relevant details of the documents submitted and when they were presented, and asking them for their charges.

    Good Luck

    Terry English

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    This is the web site if you need to search for a particular title on a Spanish property or obtain details of the ‘NOTA SIMPLE’.
    (a a matter of interest)

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