Spanish electricity prices up 18% this year

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      Mark Stücklin

      The FACUA consumer action group claim that the average electricity buill has gone up by 18.3% between January and October, a monthly increase of €12.38 on average.

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      I never complain about the Iberdrola KW charges Mark. I told them in recent email I would happily pay a little more . The problem is the Potencia charge that by a new Law oblast year they levy more on low users who they presume are foreign second home users. to that is added metering charges and impuestos. I asked them about these charges saying I assumed there was nothing they can do -they are fixed by Rahoy’s Energy Minister. reply was ‘You are absolutely right we just do what the Government tells us’ I told them their Scottish Power unit in UK had a zero standing charge tariff as do SSE. It seems that this is one thing that for now you just have to put up with. You can get gas in a bottle so no standing charge for that and bottled gas is cheap particularly at current sterling euro exchange rate. you have to balance this with lower IBI from Ayuntamiento than UK Council Tax as well

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      Chris Nation

      IBI cheaper than UK Council Tax – you bet! On the 2nd-from-bottom level for Co Tax in Bristol, I was paying GBP 1200 p.a. 2011-12. Water/sewage about GBP400 p.a. on top of that.

      Of course the Spanish, with their 10% [Valencia] property purchase tax, have got it the wrong way round. In times of low property sales, revenue plummets. If more was charged on IBI – but less on purchase tax. Two bites at the cherry not allowed! – even with low sales levels, revenue would hold up.

      But then, a great deal of Spanish beaurocracy and policy defies logic – or even plain common sense.

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