Spanish company to build oil tankers for Mexico’s Pemex

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      I am looking for comments from the forum users:

      Here is my contribution to give it a start.

      a) The submerged area will have holes in it, as they cannot be seen.

      b) No, snagging list be done until the ship is sailed.

      c) A certificate of sea worthiness will be issued.

      d) Brown envelopes will be placed in Banks in Cayman Islands & Macao.

      e) Bank guarantee will be invalid as the completion will be delayed.

      d) Specificationss will be mas o minus.

      f) Internal fittings will be all nice an gleaming, however will fall out after maiden voyage.

      Your go

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      Outside the real estate sector, Spanish companies can be as good as any. Some are outstanding.

      And even within real estate, the ones that deal with big public infrastructure are not half bad.

      Took the new fast train to Madrid and back yesterday. Really very impressive. You will never see anything half as modern, efficient, cheap and pleasant to use in the British rail network.

      Also, helped to remind me what a lovely city Madrid is. Must go there more often.


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      Yes, I am trying to draw a humorous parallels. Except Ferrovial owners of BAA, Abbey affectionately known as Shabby, owners Santander and lets wait what Alliance & leicester will be known as.

      I love the AVE, had used way back between Madrid & Seville, for the Expo. Madrid is very nice.

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