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      In January 2009 I had to return to the U/K,I needed a U/K plated car at the time,so I visited an english owned garage that took my spanish plated car in exchange for a U/K plated car.
      I have returned to Spain to find a car tax reciept for payment for my old spanish car.
      Can anyone tell me does the garage I dealt with have to transfer the spanish car I part exchanged with them transfer it into their name,the car is still in their showroom,surley I am not resonsible for the car tax.

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      Be careful with this.

      Garages selling cars in Spain tend to keep the documents then sign to the new owner but this could take ages and in the meantime debts are run up

      You stay responsible for any outstanding debts on the car, car tax, insurance claims, parking fines and in my personal experience, Hacienda will just deduct the monies from your account!

      You can sign off ownership of the car but I dont know how that happens so contact a gestor to help you out.

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