Spain Weighs Home Demolitions as Wrecking Crews on Alert

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    Demolition man Daniel Anka had a staff of 450 in Spain preparing for new developments before the property crash. With about a 10th of that workforce left, he’s now waiting for a call from the country’s bad bank so his trimmed-down crew can start knocking down half-built homes that aren’t worth completing.

    Anka may not have long to wait as Sareb, the unit holding soured real estate assets from Spain’s nationalized banks, orders work to stop on about 160 of the 650 partially-completed building projects on its books and decides which ones are worth completing. A small number of them may be demolished, said two people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified by name because it isn’t public.

    “We expect the bad bank will start to seek bids for some demolition projects starting this summer,” said Anka, chairman of Madrid-based Anka Demoliciones and vice-chairman of the Spanish Association of Demolition Businesses.

    Spain is counting the cost of the collapse of a decade-long property boom that’s sent home prices falling about 30 percent since the start of 2008, driven unemployment to 26 percent and burdened banks with mounting bad loans that have made them wary of extending new credit. A decision by Sareb to raze unfinished properties would demonstrate it makes more sense to knock down homes than try to sell them as an economic slump drags into a sixth year, said Fernando Rodriguez de Acuna, a project manager at Madrid-based real estate consultant RR de Acuna & Asociados.

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    In general terms. They will incur demolition cost but will not sell at any price ?????

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    Why does every article that mentions the collapse in house prices always state a 30% fall.

    It obvious even to the most casual observer prices falls are in excess of 50%.

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    They maybe taking an average or 30% is an average for Spain and in a particular. I feel that Valencia & Murcia maybe
    in the 50% bracket. However e.g nice parts of Marbella, Madrid & Barcelona will probably not seen any drop.

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    ….and why do all these type of stories come from Acuna real state 😆 They seem to be churning them out at least weekly!

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