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    Hi, I have recently found this forum whilst searching for information on relocating to Spain. Made a post in the rental sections:

    In short I have received a job offer in Gibraltar but the rent there are central London steep so Spain is the only solution. I have already visited Spain as I was interviewing for another company and saw a few properties going Est from Gib as to the West towards Tarifa you get the factories and would prefer to stay away from there.

    My wife keeps asking me why why make the move and I am not sure I can answer that but will be reading the viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5739&start=30 post and see if I can get some arguments from there. For me it is easy, I wasn’t UK born and am European Latin at heart so Spain is an easy choice but I need to give her more explanation than my heart thinks is a good idea and because it is sunny:)

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    It is sunny in Spain…. so go and find a rental place and see if you and your wife like it. Give it at least a year to see summer and winter.

    If she doesn’t like it then it’s easier to leave a rental than if you had bought a place.

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    I will make sure to do that, now I just need a good agency to get me a house/flat that I can trust to move in without flying out there then back home and then back out on the day:) someone mentioned as they are English companies

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