Spain on top-10 state bankruptcy threat list

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      Not sure where this article comes from – it was sent in by email:

      Spain has now entered the top ten countries most likely to go bankrupt
      according to the latest information as the sale of the Spanish debt bonds on
      the international markets has taken a considerable beating. According to the
      CMA research company, Spain has a 21% chance of going bankrupt, putting it
      on a par with Ireland and Greece in the European Union, yet representing a
      lesser risk internationally that the financial situation in the state of
      Illinois, or Dubai or Ukraine. Overall the top ten risky countries are
      Greece (52% risk of bankruptcy),Venezuela (49,94%), Ireland (40.74%),
      Argentina(34.99%), Portugal(33.80%), Pakistan (33.75%), The Ukraine(29.96%),
      The Emirate of Dubai (24,86%), The State of Illinois (21.15%), and Spain

      Meanwhile it has been revealed that Spain is causing headaches in Barclays
      Bank that has had to make provision of 228 million Euros in the third
      quarter of this year to cover doubtful credits. All in all Barclays has had
      to provide 870 million Euros this year as provision against these possible
      bad debts.

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