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      hi there,  i wonder if anyone can advise on this matter.

      our house in spain is about 0,8km away from our lovely finca. this is not a problem as it’s not loud and so doesn’t not bother us. however, i wonder if, after all these years (8) the quarry is allowed to come closer to the house as there is a plot of plot of about 1000m2  between the quarry and our land. Our finca is 200years old and I was wondering if there is something like in the UK where you have regulated rights for certain distances.

      e.g. distance quarry to house has to be X meters/kilometres

      has anyone any expertise in such matters?

      its hard to find out anything by using the internet. also the townhall seems does not hold this information.

      any help would be very much appreciated.



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      Mark Stücklin


      That’s an interesting question, and quite unusual.

      Which region are you in? Once I know I’ll try and ask a local lawyer. I have to be honest, it’s not a question I know the answer to.

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      hi mark

      our finca is in mallorca.

      thank you!



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