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      SOS, the animal rescue centre, has been ordered by Mijas council to tear down their simple kennels they have built to protect the animals. They have been given 15 days or face the threat of daily fines. This will leave all the animals, 140+ , and the volunteers without shelter and protection.
      They will now have to erect 10 temporary kennels to cope with the animals left without a shelter, which will cost 500 Euros each. They can´t do this without donations from private people.
      It seems to me that they who have and those who have not are treated differently. How many illegal buildings and development are there. I have yet to see any of them pulled down. It is easier for the councils to go for easy targets and those who have not got any brown envelopes to pass round.
      This year, according to many animal protection groups, has been the worst ever for people abandon their animals and they really need all the help they can get. They have no funding apart from donations and are now in a desperate sitiuation. If anybody can help please phone the SOS president Kim Halliwell 620 782 484

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