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    I am in desperate need of a good Solicitor ‘WITH TEETH’ who will sort out a problem I have with the solicitor I used for the purchase of a property in Spain.

    If anyone can recommend such a solicitor I would be very grateful as my current solicitor has cost me £25,000 through a mistake they made !!
    Thanks in advance,


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    Perhaps you may wish to make your enquiry more specific as a good solicitor in say Barcelona may not be the best for you in say Malaga.
    Sounds if you want anyone to give advice and this a complex case then you may need a specialised litigation solicitor.
    I am not sure but the editor may have put together a list which may help.
    Mine is excellent and is based in Marbella but this appears a rather more complex legal situation and she would be the first to recommend an expert in that field if that was what was needed.
    I know she would help or advise so p/m me if you want contact details as she has helped many on the forum as well as me over many years.
    Oh by the way if its teeth you want then this is the one for you,and she wont waste your money on fruitless dead ends

    Frank 8)

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    Hello, mi name is Pedro Pablo Lopez Corcoles. I am a spanish Solicitor and my speciality is Real Estates.

    Fisrt of all, if you want to tell me what problem you have with your spanish purchase, and I will try to advice to you, and what you should to do and if you really need a Solicitor or not.

    Please, do not doubt to send me an e-mail an explain me your problem, and I will give an answer as soon as possible, and then if you want I will give you a budget.

    Mi e-mail: or

    Yours faithfully,
    Pedro Pablo Lopez

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    You need to provide more details, Bryan.
    First of all: Is your solicitor English or Spanish? based on England or Spain?



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    We are an Independent Law Firm in Spain, General practice lawyers in Costa Calida and Murcia Region with a focus on conveyancing, real estate and construction, wills, litigation, accidents, injury claim, corporate and civil law.

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