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    I am in the process of setting up a non resident account with Sol Bank who were recommended to me by my currency dealing company.

    Just wondered if anyone had any comments good or bad about them. They seem to offer reasonable charges / internet banking etc. They also offer no landing fees providing you transfer funds via the selected currency dealers.

    Thank you in advance


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    They are very efficient but their charges overall are higher than some of the other banks. The Caja banks seem to have the lowest charges.

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    I have used Solbank for 5 years.
    Their charges are fairly high (and just gone up again – I pay about E38 a year for them to look after a current account and a deposit account)
    Also you have to watch them like a hawk if you have a term deposit. On renewal they are prone to renew the deposit at a tenth of the interest rate previously offered. I must say, however, that they do respond to email queries on this front and correct the ‘error’ reasonably quickly.
    I have found the phone access fairly good in the past but my activity is pretty well dormant now, I have no recent experience of transaction charges.


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    I have a mortgage wih Solbank, and it is competitive, but the charges for my current account are more than in UK although I’m not sure how they compare with other Spanish banks. They have internet banking, which is useful since I am in UK most of the time. The staff in my branch are pleasant and helpful.

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    I use both Solbank and Cajamar. Cajamar offer a Visa debit card for expat accounts which can be used for booking flights online etc..

    Plus Cajamar do not charge for online transfers to other Spanish bank accounts, whereas Solbank do. That aside Solbank is great, all the staff at my local branch speak perfect English and are helpful.


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    I use the Solbank in Begur and, from day of purchase, they have been excellent.

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