Small load to valencia region or returned.

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    I’m sorry if this breaks any rules i was not sure if it was ok as this is not my business.

    I am a UK Builder taking my van over to Valencia on the 3rd of July and coming back on the 29th of July to do up my villa before hopefully selling it. I have a large extended hightop transit and once i get a load of materials out of it my tools will only take up half of it so i was wondering if anyone has a small part load they want either taking to or bringing back on those dates.

    The ferry was more than i expected and thought i would try and get the cost down.

    I am in Christchurch so anything would have to be reasonably close say within 70 miles or so and i’ll be going Bilbao to just inland from Valencia city although i can cover a reasonable distance from my route anywhere along the way.

    To admin i have put my building website in my profile so you can see i am not a removal company trying to make a commercial post, please delete or move to wherever you think is the right section if this is in the wrong place.

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    Try loadup website

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