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    This is a query on behalf of our neighbours who do not have internet.
    They live in the UK from February to September and in Spain for the rest of their time. They do not wish to apply for residencia in Spain. They are both registered with the UK NHS and are in their early sixties. The wife receives her State pension but the husband still has to wait a few years. They signed on the padron and obtained SIP cards as they both have ongoing health problems. They have received free medical care, blood tests etc but have made a contribution to repeat prescriptions. Another neighbour has told them that they can’t receive free health care in the Spanish Health System as well as the NHS. This is causing them considerable worry. Could you please clarify the situation.

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    Yes, it does seem strange. They should only receive free health care in one country surely? If they are in the UK for most of the time and non resident in Spain, they should apply for the new card that replaces the E111 in the UK and use this while they are in Spain for emergency treatment only.

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