Should the UK join the Eurozone?

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      Personally, I’m undecided. But I’ve carefully listened to Lord Heseltine, Lord Ashdown and Wolfgang Schauble, the German finance minister, who put up a pretty formidable argument for joining.

      I’ve also listened to Nigel Farage, John Redwood and William Hague, who present a formidable argument against joining.

      To nail my colours to the mast, I’m pro-European, and I’ve lived in Spain for many happy years.

      Blair, Brown and Cameron have resisted a referendum on Europe for many years, and it’s easy to see why. A straight forward question of ‘Should we pull out of Europe?’ would meet with a resounding Yes; Rupert Murdoch still controls British public opinion through his newspaper empire.

      If the question was: ‘Do you want Britain to leave Europe and become bankrupt immediately?’ might get a different reply, even allowing for News International’s influence.

      If the question was: ‘Do you want Britain to join the Eurozone to secure your childrens’ future?’ might also get a different reply.

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