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    I am trying to find a sample agreement to use as the basis for letting my house – unfurnished – to a family for four months, prior to them buying it. My lawyer seems unable to provide anything remotely adequate. I have emailed several other Spanish law firms asking if they have a contract, but they have not bothered to reply.
    Can anyone tell me where I might find:

    1. A decent sample contract that I can adapt.
    2. An English (or even Spanish) copy of the Urban Tenancy Act 1994.

    or: a Spanish lawyer who can provide a contract at reasonable cost.


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    Ask these guys who all rent out and are experts in all things to do with rentals.

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    We could draft a proper rental contract to protect your interests. We would need you to provide us with the terms agreed with the tenants. The price for the contract would be 250 €uros + VAT. If you wish the contract to include an option to buy the cost will be increased in another 250 € + VAT.

    Best regards

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    Rental contracts are a minefield. As javier says use a lawyer.

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    Thanks for your replies, and I take the points about the importance of the contract.

    I am particularly interested in this comment I came across on another forum:

    A contract under 12 months is not necessarily of short term duration. Under Spanish law rental contract terms (for accommodation purposes) are to be freely agreed between the parties but if the tenant can prove that this property has become his habitual home (not a too difficult task) he will be entitled to extend the term up to 5 years.

    This is my number one concern because I am letting the house unfurnished, and the tenants will be moving out from the house they have rented for the past year. So my house could definitely be regarded as their home for the duration of the letting period.

    Javier, I would be happy to have you draw up a suitable contract, but on this specific issue, is it actually possible to include anything in the contract which prevents the tenant from being granted an extension?

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    Yes, it is possible to cover that point including the appropriate clause in the contract. This is obviously, between other relevant ones, one of the points we ensure is properly regulated on the contract.

    Best regards

    P.S. If you click in my profile you will be able to send me a private message with your contact details.

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