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    My wife and I are looking for others interested in shared ownership of a re-sale Villa/Townhouse/Apartment in the Coastal Andalucia area (C. del Sol or C. Blanca). We are interested in Jan – March ownership 1/4 share with a max. budget of 60,000 Euro. Since we have freinds and family in Spain, we would be able to arrange reliable legal services, property management, and property maintenance if needed because some property developments provide management & maintenance along with a key holding service.

    We will be in Spain this Febuary to view potential properties. We can be reached via email

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    Did reading the previous thread that I kicked off spark your idea of posting your one ?
    You sound like a man I could do business with.

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    Thanks for your reply. I read your post and replys. I think if the principles are adults and the shared property was for self use with family and freinds, the hardest part would be finding the right place. Although I agree that any financing of the property could present a problem. Therefore, to prevent any problems I would like to keep this a cash deal.

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    I think this idea is pretty new to Spain other than with family members or very good friends and in the extreme with timeshare and holiday clubs etc.

    But a few years ago it was quite popular in UK with people trying to get on the property ladder and many solicitors put together shared ownership type contracts etc. The difference being of course individuals pooled resources and lived in the property at the same time buildng equity rather than paying rent.

    It might be worth trying to find out how these people managed when things didn’t quite go to plan. The other difference is that if you had to sell in the UK then it would (even in the current climate) be easier than in Spain.

    I would not go this route outside of very good friends and family. A few years ago over a drink in London practically all in the group had an overseas 2nd home in a differnt country and someone put forward the idea we set up a swap type club ie I use your house in Spain and you use my house in South Africa etc – but like all the discussions it never went any further but the idea was good.

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    Many thanks, all advice /viewpoints appreciated.

    Tom & Carol

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