Servihabitat rentals up 758pc + sales of 135 properties/day

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      Servihabitat -the real estate division of La Caixa (a big bank) – rented 5,240 homes in Q1, an increase of 758pc on the same period last year. Clearly the rental market is experiencing explosive growth (I hear this from other sources too), as locals with no savings and no access to mortgage financing turn to renting.

      Servihabitat now have 14,000 homes rented out, target for year end = 24,000.


      They sold 135 properties a day = 16,154 properties in total (including store rooms and parking spaces) in Q1, with a sales value of €1.648 billion. They have already mades sales in just 4 months that equal 57pc of the total sales in 2012, so sales this year are up dramatically. I don’t know what their accounting policy is for recording sales, but it doesn’t square with the general collapse in sales we are seeing elsewhere.

      Servihabitat claim they had 806,000 unique visitors to their website in April.

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      well I do know for a fact that they sold 180 in san pedro (Marbella west) in one week recently !!!! señorio de guadalmina is the development !!!! they are dishing out mortgages no questions asked 🙄 🙄 🙄

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      Darn it…they must be all gone by now 😆 😆

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      phone them!!!; I think they’ve got a few bad ones left

      asking 480,000 five years ago or more, last month selling at 120k plus

      recent studies proved average Spaniard has higher net worth than average German – NEVER underestimate Spaniards – at your peril is what id say 😡 😡 😡 😡

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