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      Hi! I have a few questions about selling my home in Spain. My partner and I (joint British owners) are hoping to sell our property in Spain in the next few months to move back to UK after 10 years here. I am a Spanish resident with tax certificate, he is resident but doesn’t have tax certificate as has never had an income here. Am I right in thinking he will have 3% retained for his half of the property for taxes/ CGT and I can role my money into another property within 3 years? We saw a legal adviser couple years ago and I seem to remember that is what he told us.

      Also, we have a joint bank account in Spain and my partner has a bank account in his name in UK, I closed mine after moving her. When we sell can we transfer the property sale money from our Spanish account to his UK account? We can prove that the money coming in was from the sale of our home sold in the UK, I am assuming it not a problem as we are bringing less money back than we took out all those years ago!!

      I was panning to use a company such as Transferwise to move the funds into euros to get a better rate. Does anyone know if there is a better way to get the best rate or save money on bank charges. I am sure I will have more questions, thanks!

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      Just on the currency I use Currencyfair, I did a comparison a while back and they come out a bit better than transferwise if you use the exchange rather than the live rate.

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