Seller keeps postponing completion date

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      Does anyone have similiar experience when the seller keeps postponing completion date? I am very surprised with the sellors responde to postpone completion date till October 1st. When the sales started, I was told the seller is very ill and the deal needs to be complete in mid July. I agreed with this date and triggerd and already paidb a few hundred euros to get documents ready, let alone all the stress. When the lawyer starts negotiating private contract, the sellor changed his mind to completion in end of August. I was very shocked because if he passes away, I would los the deal and the money I paid and have to pay to the lawyer. I proposed to complete in July but seller can stay till end of August. What came as a total shock today is the seller said the deal must be completed October and I pay 10% deposit to the notary. And if I dont agree with this, he will pull out of the sale and find another buyer.

      I am feeling very angry. The constant changing of completion date and without considering the risk I am carrying.

      Any suggestions?




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