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      I’m having some difficulty reconciling the different things I read about this law, in particular about it’s scope. According to some information only property advertized or rented out through (maybe real estate agents), travel agents, others who organize or supply tourist services   or other specialized channels are covered, which seems to correspond with the wording of the Spanish text, except that the internet is mentioned in the English language information, but the Spanish text (Art. 3, 3rdparagraf) mentions  specifically “y los canales en los que se incluya la posibilidad de reserva del alojamiento” – so doesn’t this mean that only if the public can actually make reservations on the medium used,  for instance an internet site, does the law pertain to apartments rented out on the internet outside of sites such as tripadvisor, airbnb etc.? If an apartment can be found on the internet, is it enough that you can send an e-mail to the owner saying that you want to rent it?

      If advertisement on the internet as such causes an apartment to be covered by the law, what about the “intra-nets”, closed to the public and only accessible to for instance employees of a certain public or private enterprise?

      I’d very much appreciate enlightenment.


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