Scams targeting vendors

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    I’m working on an article about the scams that target vendors. You know, someone calling from an Italian / French / Egyptian mobile with a thick accent wants to buy your house no questions asked, but needs you to change 100k Swiss Francs as part of the deal.

    I would love to talk to anyone who has been approached, and especially anyone who has got sucked in. Anonymity no problem.

    Send me a PM if you can help. It’s important to warn people about this scam, which seems to be widespread and on the increase.



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    Mark – I think if you posted a thread: Scams Targeting Purchasers (by developers and agents), you’d receive a far greater response! 😀

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    Sure you must have had some pm’s but thought I would put this on for info’.

    The scammers target the private sale websites such as There is also a warning on their site giving examples of scammers. The first call I received I wasn’t sure, came from a Belgium no. first call asked for further details etc. (grooming??) 2 days later said he was an investor and wanted to buy without viewing, also couldn’t get to málaga! He was prepared to meet in Paris or even Barcelona. Realised it was a scam and said my Lawyer would handle the sale here and suggested he appoint a lawyer to do the same, never heard again. Also had a few e-mails with bad English saying they wanted to buy the property but how can they do the transaction when they cannot come over…. ❗

    According to a website the scammers also operate as sellers too. Advertising houses that look to good to be true for the price but don’t know how this one works.

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    As Katy points out, scammers are also now targeting buyers. So I’d be interested to hear from any buyer who has had a run in with one of these scams. I’m not talking about nefarious agents and developers. I’m after rip deal scams, where there is not actually any property transaction involved, just cash. Send me a PM.


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    As an agent, I have just been contacted by email by a French “gentleman” who upon my disclosure that I was acting on behalf of the vendor, suddenly saw his interest decline in the property in question (apartment in Altea Hills). He gave me some BS about him being an investor and therefore only wanting to deal with the buyer direct even though he was happy with the price of the property. I thought, from reading his initial email, he was a bit too keen.

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