San Sebastian to raise rates on empty homes by 50pc

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    The town hall of San Sebastian, in The Basque Country, have announced that they are going to raise the council tax (IBI) on empty homes by 50pc in an effort to get more rental homes on the market.

    Owners will be notified by mail and then have a month to appeal.

    The town hall reckons there are 4,980 empty flats in San Sebastian, also known as Donastia (in Basque).

    The reason owners don’t rent is because they have few powers if tenants trash the place and don’t pay the rent. A new law goes some way to giving landlords better protection, but the problem still stands. Now it appears town halls are going to punish landlords…. ūüôĀ

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    Anyone here owns a holiday place in San Sebastian? Seems very unlikely… Not that it isn’t a great location – there are some fine views if you walk up the hill and visit the old fort and English graveyard.. But I can’t see someone from northern Europe choosing to buy an expensive place in a city where it rains more than at home!

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    Yes, lovely city and great food. Typical Spanish action so nothing new here. If the property is lying empty that means the Council does not have to provide services e.g schooling,medical,cleaning etc and these people should be paying haf of the IBI.

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