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      Somebody (can’t recall who, sorry) was wanting some info on Salobreña.
      I believe that they were wanting to be able to get a full English but hadn’t been able to find anywhere?

      Anyway, the following are “Brit bars” (or Scottish) in Salobreña and a full English is to be had in all of them: Legends, Manhattan Pub & Sports Bar, House of Beer, Al Andalus & El Limonera. The Flintstones Bar, although Spanish-owned, also serves a full English. So that’s breakfast sorted!

      The Refugio Salobreña, El Padrino and Restaurante Verdejo also all advertise that they speak English. I report this because I believe that it was mis-reported by someone that Salobreña was very Spanish and there were hardly any Brits there?

      Somebody should tell the Institute of Statistics then 😉 because according to their figures, in 2003, just over 5% of the population of Salobreña was foreign. In 2008 that percentage had grown to nearly 12%! The greatest proportion (22%) of those foreigners are from the UK. And that’s only those who have bothered to register on the padron so I expect the actual % is much higher.

      Hope this is of help to whoever it was wanted the info.

      Anyway, I’m abandoning this forum because of all the cr@p that’s been flying around of late making it a complete waste of my time to sift through the posts to find anything serious and of interest. If anybody wants any info on Building Regs, building practice, materials, surveys or snagging in Spain then do feel free to contact me by PM or email. I shall check my SPI messages from time to time. It’s been fun! x

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      I am feeling the same Hilly…see you on the other forum 😉

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      Hillybillly – what a great bit of research.

      And to think – certain people have knocked SPI recently for not being informative. 🙄
      Just goes to show how mis-information (b***s***) can be corrected by the more learned members of this forum who bother to do their ‘research’.

      Am going to Sydney for Christmas/New Year – any info. re. finding a Full English there?

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      It would be a TREMENDOUS loss to the forum if Katy & Hillybilly were to go. They have both added a vast amount of knowledge to us over several years. I am at a loss as to guess the reason why Mark has not stepped in to get rid of the Trolls.

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      Chris M

      @alanrthornton wrote:

      so am i claire
      you should have been booted along with your mates long ago

      I somehow don’t think you are helping here much Alan.

      I have particularly enjoyed reading Hillybilly’s posts over the past couple of years, and this forum would be nothing without its original posters, don’t you think it is time to stop being so aggressive and stop biting at every opportunity to be so?

      I was very frustrated myself wading through all the rubbish that has seemingly been posted in the past month or so, and can therefore understand Hillybilly’s view, but it is a real shame she feels this way, and if she is leaving I would have to say it is more because of your attitude and approach.

      You have made some reasoned and valid contributions in the past I think, why can’t you just stick with that?

      I was about ready to give up on the forum also, but am giving it one more shot, but I am off as well if Hillybilly, Katy, Charlie and Claire are not on here, just won’t be worth it, and it is not as if I have had it easy with the guys myself.

      Please jsut let it be now and do make your valid reasoned arguments instead, as they are much more helpful and productive.

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      I couldn’t agree with you more Claire

      It seems that one individual has lost the plot completely and his postings are being used to further a personal feud with others. Such negative behaviour cannot be good for him nor for others on the forum


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      katy, please don’t go !!

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