Ryanair departing Granada Airport

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      just read that Ryanair are departing Granada Airport as a result of a difference of opinion between the Granada Provincial Government, controlled by the Socialists, and Granada City Hall, controlled by the PP.

      That’s a blow because that airport gave me 3 options when flying from the East Midlands. If the story is true then the Spanish authorities seem once again to be shooting themselves in the foot.


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      Maybe the authorities are simply giving up on the weakened British market and more interested in concentrating on new ones. The Spanish Tourist Board has just launched a new advertising campaign with the slogan ‘I need Spain’.

      The Secretary of State for Tourism, Joan Mesquida says:
      “The Spanish lifestyle, personality and way of life are at the centre of the campaign which hopes to improve the image of Spain in countries where it is weakest, such as China, India, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States”.

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      Ryanair are also cutting services in Italy which has recently ruined my schedule. Never book connecting flight with this company. You lose the additional flight if they change things. Their markets are shrinking and cutting costs and flights is happening all the time.

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      On another forum it is claimed that flights to Granada from the UK are always full. Doubtful if they would be cutting them if so. 😕

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