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      Property professionals such as estate agents, developers and lawyers are not allowed to use this forum to advertise or promote their businesses, or fish for customers.

      Property professionals can participate here in a private capacity, and do not have to hide the fact that they work in the business. If, by virtue of participating with good quality contributions over time, users contact them to hire them or use their services, then good for the professional. That is called earning the trust of users and does not break any forum rules.

      However, property professionals who participate in a private capacity but then post content primarily aimed at promoting their own services, or talking themselves up, will be rapidly banned from this forum.


      – No soliciting business in posts, private messages (PMs) or any other type of communication through this board
      – No spammy or trivial content primarily aimed at promoting a business or service
      – No advertising of property for sale

      The forum administration will be the sole judge of how these rules are interpreted. There will be no appeal or discussion.


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