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      I’m considering purchasing an apartment in Roda Golf and am due to go on an inspection trip.

      However after reading articles on this and other forum I’m worried about being ripped of by the agents due to the commission they receive from the developer.

      Does anyone know how i could negotiate direct with the develper here. i notice most of the agents I’ve looked up are quoting a consistant price but am wondering could I get the same property cheaper by going direct to the developer. Or would they have an agreement with the agents not to do this.

      The agents have probably forwarded my name to the develper already because I was due to put down a “refundable” deposit but after speaking to my solicitor I decided against that until I actually see the property. my solicitor has mentoined because of this the developer may still charge the agent commission.

      Does anyone have any advise on buying direct from the developer on this or any other general advise re the development i.e. rental prospects etc

      I origianlly thought it a good buy but am now having second thoughts

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      I have always understood that when purchasing on a new development, off plan etc, there is no room for negotiation unless you are purchasing from a previous purchaser, i.e. off-plan resale – if you see what I mean 😕 Anyway I am buying an apartment on Roda’s sister development Corvera. All the properties there seem to be being advertised at the same amount by everyone, both Developer and Estate Agents. Hope this helps 🙂

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      Developers don’t as a rule undercut agents. For the vast majority of developers it would be commercial suicide to do so. So you’ll get the same price from both agent and developer.

      But then again, developers save lots of money when you buy direct, which means you can be pushier in asking for extras, for example kitchen equipment.

      There’s always room for negotiation. But if you don’t ask……


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      Hi Flash,

      I agree with Mark. Developers will very rarely cut out the agent and give you a discount.

      Firstly, you have to ask …..why??. The builder can just keep the agent comission for themselves.

      Secondly, it really is suicide for a developer to do this. I have posted elsewhere on the forum that the developer needs his agents. It his best route to new sales. When agents discover that a developer is doing seperate deals you can be sure that agents will stop taking clients there. It may sound harsh but to a developer the most important people are his agents and not the individual clients beacuse it is the agents that will bring more and more clients if they are kept happy.

      Thirdly, If word gets out that Mr A paid less than Mr B for the same type of property in the same complex the developer will have a queue of unhappy clients at his door on Monday morning wanting a refund!! The builder doesnt need this.

      Please bear in mind that if you do buy direct, with or wtihout a discount you will have to do all follow up work, progress reports, snagging etc etc youself. This is very frustrating as generally it will be on the telephone and without a doubt you will spend many hours fretting over how the Spanish do things and more than once they have been accused of writing snags in invisible ink!!. Once again the agents will get the best treatment here as the builder wants him happy….you will be just 1 voice in hundreds.

      I have mentioned before that I am an agent so I will accept any criticisms of bias but to sum up

      1) Pay the developers price given and use the agent to keep the builder on his toes and keep you informed of building progess etc.

      2) Promise the agent that Aunt/Brother/Uncle etc etc might also be interested if all goes well in your sale.

      3) When the construction is finished keep on at the agent for any snags and remind him about Aunt/Uncle etc etc to get a speedy service.

      I know the Roda development and it is very nice. I have seen the Los Alcazares area really come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years or so. I dont think you will regret a property there and I’m not even selling at Roda Golf!!

      Best wishes


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