Roca the luckiest man alive?

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    Juan Antonio Roca won the lottery 80 times
    Mar 31, 2007

    The Malaya Judge, Miguel Angel Torres, considers the lottery wins are part of a money laundering scam

    We now know the details of the latest declaration made to Judge Miguel Angel Torres in the Malaya corruption case by the man at the centre of the affair, Juan Antonio Roca, the ex real estate assessor in Marbella Town Hall.

    The judge was investigating how the purchase of winning lottery tickets could have been used as a system to launder money, and Diario Sur newspaper reports that Roca told the court that he had in fact won the lottery as many as eighty times so far during his life.

    The police investigation has also established that his wife and children have also been lucky in the lottery. Between the three of them they picked up prizes worth 600,000 € from different draws over six months in 2005.

    ‘Typically Spanish’ website

    Think we could all do with a bit of that luck! 😉

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    that’s priceless!, if it was made in to a film, people would say it was to far fetched to be watchable.

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    I think they already think that about the whole sorry corruption saga.

    One or two corrupt mayors/councillors/Town Halls – but dozens and dozens across the whole country???

    Add the lipo-suctin debacle when Marisol Yague was arrested – and you have all the makings of a comedy-drama!

    Have to edit – that should read lipo-suction.
    Sounded like ‘sucked-in’ which I suppose is appropriate….. 😆

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    ……i think it would need something like the the Monty Python team to do a good rendition?…….or the muppet show?

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    Malaya ….one year on…………..

    “The judge had no qualms about signing the arrest warrants for the former councillors who allegedly voted according to Roca’s instructions or for the 13 developers who supposedly paid for planning favours. In some cases we are talking about ‘contributions’ of five million euros over a three year period.
    If these were just bribes, it’s hard to imagine how big the profits were.

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    Would love to know the names of the 13 developers concerned.

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    Do they mean 13 developers or persons. 😈
    4 charged from Sofia alone and reported as paying around 4 million.

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