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      In the run-up to the May elections, the Partido Popular have said that they plan to publish a national map of all building and protected land on the Internet, so citizens have complete access.

      What an admirable/ambitious idea but do they honestly think they can put on the internet every metre of Spain so people can check if a piece of land they hope to have a future home on is ‘protected’ or not? Or have I misunderstood??

      They also say all town councillors will have to give a public statement of their assets before standing for election and again when they leave office, as a control on illegal enrichment. Harsher penalties will be imposed by those found guilty of corruption.

      But what about all those brown paper bags under the bed, and Swiss bank accounts?

      It all sounds like a step in the right direction – but like Blair’s pre-election boast of making his number one concern “education, education, education”, isn’t this all just empty rhetoric?

      I would be happier if I heard from them that they intend to arrest and punish the directors of property developement companies who have pocketed millions of euros from unsuspecting purchasers who bought into illegal builds and shattered their dreams, as well as ruining huge chunks of the Spanish coastline. They are all still out there enjoying almost total impunity.
      People can be imprisioned for nicking a car, but not it seems for nicking millions of euros under the ‘protective shield’ of the name ‘Property Developer’.

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