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      I am totaly new to this site having just joined.
      Does anybody on this forum know how to access private messages when sent to you. I have been sent an email saying that I have a message from this forum but I just cannot find a way to see it, it says ‘in box is empty’ I have looked all over for options- to no avail, perhaps I’ve overlooked something.
      I also can’t find an option to ask an administrator of this site a simple question like this one, all very confusing.


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      Hi Jen,

      First of all welcome to the forum and I hope you find information here of value.

      I’m the administrator of this site but not strong on the technical aspects – these forums are standard packages that you get off the shelf and they are supposed to work like a ‘press here dummy’ without any complications. I specialise in Spanish property not in technology!

      When you first join the forum you are sent a welcome email with a record of your username and password. However you are not sent anything else so I am surprised that you have been sent an email informing you of a private message. Would you mind forwarding me the email you were sent so that I can look into this. My email is

      If in future you are sent a private message this will be clear when you login to the forum – at the top of the page it will tell you if you have any messages. If it said ‘inbox is empty’ then one has to assume that that is the case.

      To contact me – the administrator – in future you just have to click on the user ‘mark’ and you can then send a message to me. In the meantime sorry if this has caused you any trouble.



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