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      hello, I have several questions for you experienced residents in Spain, I am planing to retire in Spain as a resident next year from Canada, I am fully bilingual, I am doing as much research as possible so I don’t make any mistakes, I appreciate your help, so here are my questions:

      1- is the medical system good in Spain for people getting old and is it free for seniors 65 and over or there is a cost.

      2- how is pension taxation for seniors in Spain

      3- are the seniors benefits in Spain fair, discounts in living expenses etc.

      4- how cheap is the cost of living in southern Spain compared to Madrid or the north

      5- are there any good sites like this for me to browse

      I thank you for your answers, I am sure I will have more questions in the future so be patient with me 😆


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      Hi Jaime from a fellow Canuck! We are also wishing to continue our retirement in Spain. At present we are in Mexico and our house here is for sale so we can move to Spain , probably for 6 months of the year. ( As we have to return to Cda every 6 months to satisfy the OAP)
      My research indicates that it is cheaper in Andalucia than Madrid, warmer also. I,m not sure how pensions are taxed – it depends on your resident status. The health care is supposedly very good, although many Spaniards takeout private coverage. We will probably continue with our provincial coverage in BC and take out the RBC travel /medical insurance as it will be the less costly.
      We are visiting Spain this winter, renting in Andalucia away from the coast , looking at properties and to get a feel for Andalucia. We have visited in the past and loved it, Sevilla in particular.
      If you are contemplating buying real estate, first thing to do is get a lawyer- there are several listed at this forum and the UK govt. also has some names. If you are not familiar with purchasing property outside of the MLS in Canada or the US, then be prepared for surprises – Spain, like Mexico is not nearly as well regulated as what we are used to.
      Good luck.

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