Retiring Britons fall out of love with Spain and France

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    Retiring Britons fall out of love with Spain and France

    A third of people want to move abroad when they reitre but the popularity of Spain, France, Portugal and Greece has plummeted in the past year, the results of a study suggest….

    The top three destinations were the US, Australia and Canada, if visa application was no issue, but a year ago Spain was the most popular destination.

    The country, which is struggling with huge government debt and soaring unemployment, is now in fourth spot with only 23pc starting it as their prefered location compared to 33pc a year ago.

    Thousands of expats have already moved back from the popular Costa resorts amid a crash in Spanish house prices and concerns about tax rises. A weaker pound against the euro has also eaten away at the buying power of British sterling-based savings and pensions on the Continent making it harder to make ends meet.

    France has also seen a drop in popularity, down to 15pc from 22pc in the poll. Greece dropped out of the top ten.

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    Well I am not surprised, I would rate the USA no 1 too. However….Germany in the top 10 đŸ™„ Their weather is as crappy as the UK. Then I noticed who had carried out the poll

    Of more than 1,500 Britons aged over 40 polled by, a visa application website, 35pc said they would be happier to retire abroad than stay in the UK.

    No surprise then that the top 3 all require visas. :mrgreen:

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    Every single thing the Spanish Government / Regional Governments have done recently appears designed to discourage affluent foreigners / weather migrants from coming to live here and buying property in Spain. It’s madness đŸ˜¥

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    Sun shine/weather is not the only reason for a move to another Country. There are other factors as well such as quality of life.

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