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    We don’t know yet how the referendum will affect our place in the European Union if we do Leave without any new agreement with the EU.People living in Spain may  be concerned about their future rights there in particular right to remain as permanent residents. Good news if you have been  legally resident  a minimum of 5 years you will be able to but you will have to apply     for what is called settlement. I obtained this information on Freeview channel 732 LBC from a British lawyer in a firm of name Healys

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    At present even as a non EU entrant you can still reside in Spain anyway by registering on the  ‘Foreigners Register’. You don’t need to own a property – you can rent.The requirements are basically that you can prove you have the income  that you can support yourself  health insurance and will not be dependent upon the Spanish State for example a bank statement and the certificate can last 5 years at a time. Informacion on this look at   expat  and go to Spain Registration and Residency


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    Mark Stücklin

    Thanks for the info Pat. However, I assume a reasonable deal will be worked out in time, but it may take a few years. In the meantime we Brits in Spain ares till full members of the EU, so no immediate change to worry about. However, we will all have a keep a close eye on the negotiations so we know where we stand when the time comes. There is a group being set up to lobby for us in Brussels and other centres of power. I’ll keep you informed when I know more.

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