Reprieve or demolition: Illegal development in Catalonia

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      Illegal housing developments are not just a problem in Andalucia and Valencia, but in Catalonia too (though on a much smaller scale).

      Owners who bought on a new development of 32 homes in Alcanar, on the coast in Montsia, Tarragona province, Catalonia, are waiting to hear if they will get a reprieve or face demolition.

      The homes were built in early 2000s by a developer called Turov with planning permission from the town hall, but as happened to the Priors in Vera (Almeria), it turns out the planning permission was not legal, even though it was granted by the competent authority. Buyers are now innocent victims, like the Priors.

      The Spanish State has not yet worked out that it has to respect licences granted at any level of Government, even if there was corruption of illegality involved. The state should go after corrupt officials, not innocent buyers.

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