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      would anybody know how i would go about at renting to spainish families,
      do they go on a waiting list and who would i contact to find out more.
      could anbody advise me on this matter.

      many thanks

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      Forget, they will behave in the following manner.

      a) contact you & not bother to respond.

      b) Contact you literally last minute & than relax about it.

      c) Would agree to terms & conditions string you along & at the last minute try to change the agrred terms & conditions including the rent.

      d) Would like to view the property before hand. Not realising that they are not booking into hotels.

      e) Would insist on paying by Cash.

      f) Want to know what kitchen utencils are at the property.

      g) You will end up exchanging 25 emails & they will not confirm & keep on hifting the goal post.

      Sadly, in the interest of time management & for commercial reasons I ignore them. If only Spanairds realise that they are their own biggest enemies.

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      Rent to the Spanish and you will never get them out. I could write a book about problems owners have had with them.

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      many thanks for the information,that sorted out a few problems.


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      I got years of experience to rent out property to Spaniards and long term rentals here on Costa Blanca.
      To be honest with you. Long term rental is a risky business here in Spain.
      Nowe the low is a little bit more in the favor of the property owner, bit still the tenant is in charge.
      I always recommend to our clients a holiday rentals, you can generate the same or more incam from holiday rentals then long term.
      By the way, we need more properties form Costa Blanca area for holiday rentals for our clients.
      Kind regards

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      I understand the frustration that has been shared here and am assuming that this is down to past bad experience.

      There are a number of factors that can be considered:

      1. You need to have experience in renting properties and speak a very good level of Spanish to deal with the local market. If you as an owner cannot maybe it is worth finding an expert that can. Who in return will also deal with all inquiries and questions you may not be interested in answering.
      2. Appropriate interview techniques and solvency checks also need to be looked into.
      3. Your final gut feeling when meeting the rental candidates. You should be there when you first rent out your property in Spain. Don´t leave all to the agent to deal with. Take responsibility for your investment.

      I own 3 properties in Alicante, two of which have been rented to Spaniards for over 4 years. I have never had any problem.
      Our agency has closed hundreds of long term rentals for UK investors in the Alicante area. In the last 6 years of renting long term I can count on one hand the bad tenant problems. It is true that when the tenant turns out to be a bad one and stops paying, it takes a lot of work to get them out or arrive to an amicable agreement. It is very frustrating and time consuming and the law needs to react a lot faster when this problem occurs.

      In the event of non payment you can now add a safeguard to the long term agreements which is known as “Arbitage”. It settles disputes much more quickly and protects both parties when things go wrong. There are landlords that also do not adhere to the terms of their agreement so tenants are generally in agreement to have these terms put in place.

      I would never recommend a long term rental to be negotiated without the help of an established agent / expert unless you can negotiate with the locals and understand how to make the terms and conditions clear. Try and find an agent onsite that has been around for many years has gained the trust of the owners and is providing a good service. Ask the owners directly who is the best agent/s for the job. Once you know a good agent, go to Spain and meet them and ask them everything you need to know. Get it backed up in writing. If you really wish pass their written replies to your lawyer and ask him to contact the agent as well in order to clarify any points you have missed. Remember that all of this effort will only be necessary to start with and until you gain a bit more confidence.

      Holiday rentals are a good option but depends on the type of property. If you own an apartment or a townhouse (standard run of the mill Type A,B or C) Be aware that there is a lot of competition out there so the chances of breaking even with holiday rentals is pretty unlikely at this time. It is a very good option however if you still want to make use of your property from time to time. This option is not possible if you sign into a long term agreement.

      Currently there is a huge demand for long term rentals so as there is a choice it is generally best to have 2-3 candidates lined up for each rental property. Go over the credentials and interview notes of each candidate and choose the one that is best suited for you. (Make it clear that you want the agent to represent you not the tenant)

      Good luck.

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      hi Guys
      I will soon be in a position to buy a property or properties in Spain.
      I would really appreciate any expert advice that any one can give me.It does not matter if the advice is long ,short ,professional, or just from own experience.
      I ask for this help because from the research I have come across on the web and asked estate agents is confusing and conflicting to say the least.
      Little issues like
      are houses legal in Spain at all and I do mean fully legal, cant be changed by some person some years later,
      are the prices real in the sense that they can be so different depending on who is selling,
      How bad is the illegal problem and is there any light at the end of the tunnel,
      I only wish to buy if I am sure I am protected by law,
      what are all the charges to keep a property in Spain,
      Is renting a good idea, long short term,
      What kind of property rents better and to whom,
      I have read income taxes are due on a property for non residents even if the property is not rented out is this true,
      does a property have to be fenced in to stop people using the land, i have heard of the free roaming in Spain,
      Really any info would be great

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