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      So I couldn’t find the specific place to where to post this problem we are having with renting in spain, but if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
      This all regards to renting do’s and don’t’s for tenants and landlords.

      My girlfriend is currently renting a place through her yearly stay in Spain. She went home for a month to visit her family for easter and her birthday, and now returns to a landlord telling her that they are going to box all of her possessions and change the locks until she pays rent (she has paid up to end of March, on verbal agreement that she will pay for April when she returns from visiting her family). Her contract runs until June, and the Landlord is threatening to hold her stuff until she has paid everything.
      Is there anything you can help us here with? Tips, advice? At the moment, our main plan is on her return she will contact the police, as we would consider this theft of personal property (and possible trespassing?).
      Anything would be greatly appreciated.
      Regards, S.

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