Renting my Spanish properties

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    Im looking for the best company to go with for letting out my 2 properties in the Costa Blanca, the internet is a minefield and i want to be sure the company provides me with the best in terms of rentals


    P.S. My properties are in quesada and montesinos more info can be found here:

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    Nobody use any Managment companies?

    Any help would be great, as im struggling to get rentals but to be honest thats because their not being marketed properly…hence the new website etc.

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    Hello Barieeld,

    I am afraid I have no experience of rentals in the Costa Blanca but in the Costa del Sol the rental market seems to be saturated with properties and too few renters.

    All of the selling agents that I have spoken to habitually vastly over exagerate the rental potential to secure the sale of the property.

    For a long term tenant I would try the local estate agents, but for holiday rentals, I have found the only solution is to do it yourself. Agencies, from my experience and the experience of my friends, produce very few bookings.

    At the top of this forum page there is a ‘search’ option. Try using this to find the subject of interest and read what others have discussed previously.

    Good luck, David

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    I successfully rent out my apartment for about 25 weeks a year. Do not expect a massive return on Investment for a few years (and even then no better than a decent building society account.)

    Get yourself a local person to clean and launder the place.

    Advertise on the web. Try holiday-rentals, holidaylettings and owners direct to kick off with. Create your own website.

    Price low. You want to get the punters in in the first year. Look at similar properties on these websites, look at their prices and then go in a tad lower.

    I am registered with many agents and get no business from them. They’re useless and charge up to 30% of your rent.

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    Try this site

    Don’t rent myself but this looks like it might help you.



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    Thanks paul. I’ve been with it for ages and it’s very good.

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    We run a succesful rental agency in Costa Blanca, need any advice contact us.

    Oh by the way we only charge 10% commission

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