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      We registered last year with the tourist board  – we have a property in the Malaga Province.  We dont rent out very much but our first renters went to our property last week.  We have everything in place and as far as I am aware fully legal.  We tried to email the photocopy of passports to the Police following a link our lawyer gave us but we do not seem to be able to get access.  We emailed the lawyer who is on holiday and wont’ be back until August.   Does anybody know how to register with the police and maybe someone who can help with this – maybe a larger firm who won’t be on holiday during the months when we need them ?


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      I thought only Hotels had to send passport info to the Police not private owners

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        Reading info I’m not sure. I think all renters have to

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      Lacala is correct. If you let short-term propeties in Spain (AKA holiday rentals) it is mandatory to communicate to the Police any lodger over the age of 16 years old. But first you must be registered with the Police.

      More details in my article (take note it is specific for holiday rentals in Andalusia, but the bit on police communication applies to all of Spain):

      Holiday Rental Laws in Andalusia (Decree 28/2016) – 8th of February 2016

      ANDALUSIA: Holiday rental regulations in new Decree explained in detail


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