Rentals on RESIDENTIAL complex

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    Im 72yrs old and live on a RESIDENCIAL complex in Gran Canaria, my next door neighbour bought her house 12months ago (still not seen or met her),and immediately advertised her property as a short term holiday rental on the internet. I  dont know how ,but she obtained and  displays a VV licence in her window. The renters are causing major problems , with noise ,drunkeness , swearing, and in the pool all hours of the night.  A lot of the residents work, and have to be up early , and of course complain. She has had warnings from the president and administrators, but it goes no further, and she doesnt reply to calls or emails.          Is  she renting illegally

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    You can always go to the pólice for a denuncia against the renters who are making noise.

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    Police just give noisy people a warning , they go home, next renters come for their holiday week or two later, and same again . We need to stop owners ILLEGALLY renting their homes for short term holiday lets on RESIDENTIAL complexes. No respect for Spanish law, communidad rules, other owners and working residents.


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