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      Hello, I have a problem with my rental contract and owner. I have a contract for one year, and i think the law compail the owner to extend the contract up to 3 years, but he sent me a notification 2 months before, and he told me you need to leave when the contract finish since the law says if I get a divorce, and i need the home for my self. now how do i know really he needs the home for him self? how do i know he really got divorce? do i stay at home and pay the rent and just wait the court to tell me to go out or how?

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      You really need to take some legal advice

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      Article 9.3 of the Spanish Rental Acts clearly states that if the landlord says he/she needs the house because of a divorce, it has to have a judicial final decision (sentencia firme de divorcio). So, ask the landlord for a “testimonio judicial de la sentencia y su firmeza” = a judicial certification of the decision and its final validity.

      The landlord has to ask you to leave and provide you with this “judicial final decision” two months before the date you will have to leave the house.

      If the situation is not as clear as that, I would look for a lawyer. It may be that you don’t have to leave the house.

      Kind regards.

      Yolanda Palencia

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      Ulf Norberg

      And how nice will it be to continue to rent a house where the owner do not want you there?

      If I were you, I would look for some other property to rent!

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