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      Hi all, first post here so I hope it’s in the right place.


      I’m in the Alicante region and have been house hunting for a while now and it I have been told that as of July the process to get buildings and pools etc… regularized has been changed. Where it used to say that if a structure was over 4yo it could be regularized and now I’m hearing that the age limit has changed to be 15 years or over?


      Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

      Is it a local thing or a more comprehensive ruling?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Yes, the period in which illegal building can be punished is going from 4 to 15 years in the Valencian Region. But even after 15 years it doesn’t become legal, just no longer subject to a fine. It’s all part of the new planning laws for the Valencian Community.

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      Thank you Mark for the reply, I did get a bit of further clarification about these changes which are the new LOTUP regs but still have a few questions.

      You say it doesn’t make it legal but if a structure is 15 years or more you can then do the regularization process and bring it up to date, would it still not be legal if this was done?

      Presumably the town hall could refuse to do this if they choose to anyway.

      I know before under the old law to get things added it could cost a few thousand euros if they were over 4 yo but now would that cost be the same or even higher because they are subject to 15 more years back pay?

      Because it’s still a new law there isn’t much info on what the consequences have been for people selling or buying, have people been hit badly because of this?

      Wouldn’t be a problem if people did it right in the first place.

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