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    A friend has just told me that they tried to register with the Drs in our town today and were told that not only did they need their NIE and passports but they also needed their childrens birth certificates and their marriage certificate certified by the British Counsel in the UK!

    To buy our house, we needed our passport number…

    Anyone any ideas! Or is this spanish bureaucracy gone really mad!


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    Just an update on this. Our friends went today w√≠th their certifed certificatesand are now being told they need NIEs for their 2 children in order to register them…looking at the local government site, it suggests you just need your family book, so our marriage and birth certs…we have yet to register at a Drs due to their problems…HELP!


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    In marbella you need residencia card, social security no. but if you are working there you will have these. Do you pay into the system? or are you on a E106?

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