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      My old cortijo needed registering with the land registry as only part of it was listed correctly. I had the architect plans drawn up and submitted and paid all relevant fees. I was charged 4,500e’s on top and it was decided the property was fuera de ordinacion. The house is pre 1975 with the exception of a small room that was added post 1975, all prior to my purchase. My architect is waiting to submit reform plans that will simply reform the existing building with no extension of the original footprint. A disagreement in the town hall planning department (or land registry, I’m not entirely certain who) seems to have arisen as to whether they should have charged the 4500e’s as only a tiny portion of the house is post 1975 with others in the department who believe the majority of the building is pre-1975 and no fee should have been charged, on that basis they don’t know into which age category the house falls and won’t make a decision. This has been going on for a year, nobody will make a decision (although being initially shocked at having to pay the 4500e’s I’ve now written it off and just want to be able to get on with renovating my house!) It’s Malaga Town Hall. Does anybody have any ideas how I can speed things up and stop my house falling into further disrepair due to this ludicrous situation?

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