Registering Holiday rental property, in Andalucia

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      When the registration requirements for letting holiday property were introduced, for Andalucía, I read that it would not apply to rentals, even if under 2 months, if one did not let in the manner of a rental agency.

      So if one let only by word of mouth and did not advertise they were not required to register.

      I have searched the internet but cannot now find anything relating to that.

      I should be grateful to have an answer, backed up by a pointer to the legislation

      Many thanks

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      Hi Larry.

      It is not like that. Renting using specific webpages is just an indication that your activity is regulated by the Holiday Rental Act.

      This is what the act says:

      Artículo 3. Definición.

      1. Se entiende por viviendas con fines turísticos aquellas ubicadas en inmuebles situados en suelo de uso residencial, donde se vaya a ofrecer mediante precio el servicio de alojamiento en el ámbito de la Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía, de forma habitual y con fines turísticos.

      2. Se presumirá que existe habitualidad y finalidad turística cuando la vivienda sea comercializada o promocionada en canales de oferta turística.

      3. Se considerarán canales de oferta turística, las agencias de viaje, las empresas que medien u organicen servicios turísticos y los canales en los que se incluya la posibilidad de reserva del alojamiento.

      Translated into English: 1. Homes for tourism purposes are those located on land for residential use, where the accommodation service is offered for a price, on a regular basis and for tourism purposes.  2. It will be presumed that there is a rental on a regular basis and for tourist purpose when the home is commercialized or promoted in tourist offer channels.

      Kind Regards

      Yolanda Palencia

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      Can I ask another question, and it concerns disability access for a vacation rental. Most apartments in our village are accessed by external steps, then internal stairs. Would this automatically exclude them from being officially registered?

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