Regions with biggest stocks of newly built homes

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    The Spanish provinces with the biggest stocks of newly built homes are Barcelona, Castellón (Costa Azahar), Alicante (Costa Blanca), and Madrid, according to a new report by the financial services firm Deloitte.

    Stocks of new homes:

    Barcelona: 60,077
    Castellón: 54,274
    Alicante: 49,333
    Madrid: 45,537

    At the other end of the scale Badajos in Extremadura has just 843 new homes on the market.

    35 provinces have substantially reduced their gluts of new homes since the crisis began, as new homes are sold but none are bing started.

    Castellón and Almería are the provinces with the biggest stock of new homes per inhabitant.

    The property markets best positioned to recover are mainly in the north of Spain and Madrid.

    Deloitte also say that housing affordability is now about right, at 34pc of [gross] household income.

    They also say that, peak-to-present, Spanish property prices have fallen…..22pc!!! What planet are they on?

    I don’t know how they manage to conclude that housing affordability is about right if they have no idea how much property prices have really fallen.

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