Regional Government in Valencia has ‘lost the plot’

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      They are already infamous for lunatic decisions re. Land Grab.
      But the Valencian Regional Government’s lunacy has reached new heights. An historical 400 year old tower (Torre Vigia) in Campello will be demolished by controlled explosion on December 28th.

      Why? Because the town council has been ‘lax in its preparation and production of required paperwork and certification with regard to repair works carried out on the tower’.

      The Ayuntamiento, in their defence, pointed out that the tower dates back to the 1580’s and is of great historical importance in the area. They also stressed that, after 400 years, the tower was in danger of collapse and repairs carried out were to avoid that eventuality, but both arguments have been rejected.

      The Valencian Regional Government spokesperson Ubetta Maria Doctor-Oravet said today; “It is clear to the Generalitat that the Ayuntamiento have not followed correct procedure with regard to the reformation of the Torre Vigia, and as such, we have been left with no alternative but to order its demolition.
      We cannot idly sit by and watch local councils bespoil the beautiful coastline of The Valencian Community with these uncertificated development projects…..”

      So now a 400 year old historical building has become a “development project” – to quote that famous phrase: you couldn’t make it up!

      And to my mind, the Valencian Regional Government needs certifying.

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      This is a wind -up. Look at the date of demolition ( spanish april fools day ) & the doctors name. It was on another site where they came clean.

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      Well-spotted, guslopez, you’re right!
      Despite the story being on many newspaper/expat websites (even Talk Radio Europe was carrying it), I have just found one ex-pat forum where the writer of the spoof confesses he wrote it.

      Oh well, I obviously have to be more vigilant in future! 🙂

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