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      Hi.. I have been looking at Spanish property for many months and have noticed that property on the Costa Del Azahar appears to be a lot cheaper than other areas with impressive specifications.

      I have been told that this region sees a lot of rain and can snow in the winter which may account for the cheaper prices. I’m not so sure this is the real or only reason. The internetdoes provide climate information for Valencia, but as most of these properties are inland to the west and in a mountainous section, the climate may be different to actual Valencia.

      Does anyone have any advice/info on this region please?

      We have made two trips to look at property centering around inland Alicante area, Murcia and a bit of Almeria.

      Between the two trips (about 4 months apart) I have noticd a considerable drop in prices and wonderhow much urther theywill slide. Some posts on thsi forum suggests that it may bottom out soon, but in he UK, it is felt that 2009 may see a further 9% drop in property prices, so my inclination is to wait a bit.



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      If all the predictions with respect to global warming are correct, then Spain will frazzle. You might be grateful for more rain or even a little snow.

      Probably prudent to wait a bit under the current credit crunch turmoil. 😉

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