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      Hello, As many of you know, I am remodeling my flat, and I am seeking opinions about the shape of a kitchen.

      Here are the stats: The kitchen will be a rectangle, 240cm x 275cm (8ft x 9ft, more or less). It will be adjacent and open to (on one side) a larger open-concept living-room/dining-room that is 450 x 510 (14.8ft x 16.7ft).

      One of the candidate architects is proposing a galley kitchen (a kitchen with two, parallel counters and usually two open ends), but this one will terminate into a wall that has a window.

      The galley kitchens I’ve seen all have exits on both sides – and are pass-through spaces.

      The opinions I’m seeking: Because one side terminates in a wall, would it be better to have a “U” shaped kitchen, meaning counters on three sides, instead of the galley-style kitchen?

      Thanks for your help. Gary

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      What about the kitchen units/cooker etc. on one side and both ends and then open completely to the living room with a large unit which you can sit at?

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