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    hello everybody, im new here so i will be asking allot of things, sometimes they might have come up before so i say sorry for that . also i want to say that im belgian and my english wont be so great all the time, sorry again đŸ™„
    i’m planning on finding my “little paradise” in spain. but it’s got to come cheap đŸ˜‰
    i want to by a plot or ruine for no more then 60000 euro and build or rebuild myself. I have build 2 houses from the ground up myself it will “just” be the diverence in law and rules that i have to worry about.
    to get to my first question; here in belgium there are 3 groups off plots: buildingland(where you can build as big as it get’s and can put your residence on) ; rural(farmersland,woods: no building here) ; and also recreational plots(on these you can not put your residence, but it’s pemited to put a caravan or small house(60 m²) ) does anyone now if in spain there is a similar system or is there only building- and ruralplots that exsist? note: love the site and forum great work admin keep it up greetings from belgium

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    It’s complicated. There are various types of land classification in Spain. What you can actually build, where, depends upon where you are looking. Every province / municipality has its own rules. You need to go and enquire at the town-planning department of the local town hall to find out what you can or can’t do. Many town halls publish their urban plans and regulations online, but you need to have a good understanding of Spanish and Spanish town planning to work out what they mean.


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    thanks for the reply. we are going to spain end off april so i will be checking over there .
    can a lawyer help me with the local buildinglaw or is the townhall the only place to get the right info? im taking a coarse in spanish but it’s still not good enough đŸ˜³ to understand the details .and those are probably the most important. đŸ˜‰ greetings

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