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    Just bought a village house in a valley south of Granada,had a great architect for the restoration and apart from a few minor teething troubles, things are fine. I’m debating what television channels to subscribe to as a very part time resident I’m not sure I want an expensive cable subscription. We’ve bought a DVD& VCR. I live in California and am not familiar with the free english television channels and how one goes about signing up for them. Information anybody ? Thanks

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    Hi there,

    not sure if you would need a satelite to get the free to view channels, but I am sure womeone will know here, however if you get a Uk skybox with card you can normally get all the free channels for just the one off payment of buying the box. Again, Im not sure if you need satelite to pick these up, so hold off until someone else lets you know first.

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    Angie have sent you a pm. re recommendation of folk who installed ours.

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